Looking for things to do in Swindon with your little ones? Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure? Welcome to the world of soft play, where toddlers roll, climb, and slide their way to endless joy and growth. Here at Freedog Swindon, we understand the significance of indoor play areas for our little explorers. Let’s delve into the incredible benefits awaiting your child at our facility.


What’s new in Swindon?

At Freedog Swindon, we’re thrilled to introduce you to our newly built Soft Play areas, offering two distinct experiences: our “standard” Soft Play for kids aged 2-7 years old and the aptly named Puppy Pen, perfect for our smaller visitors 0-1 years old. Our bigger Soft Play is a multi-story adventure den accessed via a thrilling rope bridge and consists of slides, tunnels and swinging soft obstacles for the young adventures to navigate and enjoy. For our smallest visitors, we’ve built the Puppy Pen – a padded cresh with stimulating lights, soft blocks and a cosy feeling. Additionally, we’ve recently transformed our old briefing area into a cosy haven known as the Nook, integrated with our cafe seating area and Soft Play zones, the Nook offers a warm (in winter / cold in summer) place to sit and relax, eat some food and even partake in activities such as arts and crafts and building blocks for even more family fun.


What is Soft Play?

Soft play is akin to a superhero training ground for toddlers’ sensory and motor skills. It’s a haven where they can roam freely, hop with glee, and conquer exciting challenges. Soft play encourages toddlers to unleash their inner acrobat as they navigate through obstacles, fostering gross motor skills development. It’s a delightful journey that enhances coordination, balance, and overall physical fitness, all while ensuring boundless entertainment! And while your little ones are busy exploring, you can relax in our welcoming Cafe, enjoying a well-deserved break.


What Do Children Learn from Soft Play?

Did someone say brainpower? Soft play offers toddlers an array of cognitive advantages that’ll make their little minds burst with knowledge. They:

  • become masters of cause and effect
  • unravel the mysteries of spatial awareness
  • uncover the secrets of object permanence.

When a toddler pushes a foam block off a ledge, they witness gravity at work and learn about the consequences of their actions. It’s like their very own physics lab, where fun and learning collide!


Cognitive Advantages of Engaging Toddlers in Soft Play Activities:

Soft play offers toddlers a plethora of cognitive advantages, empowering their minds with knowledge. They become adept at understanding cause and effect, mastering spatial awareness, and grasping the concept of object permanence. Each activity within our Soft Play zones is a mini-lesson in physics and problem-solving, making learning an exciting adventure!


Motor Skills Development & Fine-Tuning:

In our Soft Play areas, it’s not just about big movements; it’s also about refining those tiny fingers. Toddlers immerse themselves in activities that hone their fine motor skills, from stacking blocks with precision to conquering shape-sorting puzzles. These experiences strengthen hand-eye coordination, laying the groundwork for future tasks such as writing and drawing.


The Connection between Soft Play, Social Adventures & Friendships:

Soft play areas serve as dynamic arenas for forging friendships and nurturing social skills. Imagine a group of toddlers bouncing, sliding, and laughing together, learning invaluable lessons in empathy, cooperation, and teamwork. Our Soft Play zones are miniature societies where friendships blossom and the art of playing well with others is mastered.


In conclusion, soft play at Freedog Swindon is a treasure trove of development for toddlers, offering endless opportunities for growth, learning, and, most importantly, fun! So, hop, skip, and jump into a Soft Play or Toddler Clip ‘N Climb session at Freedog Swindon today!