It is an industry requirement to complete a safety waiver before you can participate in one of our exhilarating activities. The waivers must be completed individually for anyone over 18, participants under 18 will need to be added as a minor to an over 18 waiver.

Waivers are valid for 1 year.

To save you time, Freedog has an electronic waiver, which instantly uploads to our booking in system. We advise that you complete the waiver before coming to the park.


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  • Swindon is in Tier 4

    Sadly we are CLOSED for now

    We will be in touch with anyone who has a booking with us to organise your voucher/refund very soon. Please bear with us. We have been given very little notice but will contact everyone as quickly as possible.

    Fingers crossed we are back into a lower tier again soon.