At Freedog Swindon, we believe in turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Our brand-new activity centre is not just a play space; it’s a haven of adventure and excitement tailored for kids of all ages (yep, that includes you big kids!). Wondering what awaits your little ones inside our vibrant walls? Let’s take you on a journey, unveiling the wonders of our revamped centre and what you can expect during a visit to Freedog Swindon.


What Has Changed at Freedog Swindon?


We’ve had a pretty big change this year! We’ve removed our old trampolines, and in their place have introduced exciting new features and activities, turning our centre into the ultimate playground for children. From heart-pounding challenges on the ninja course to the adrenaline-pumping ascent up the Warped Wall, every corner is designed to spark the spirit of adventure. Our Strike Arena is our biggest and best addition, filled with interactive games adding a competitive edge to the excitement, promising hours of entertainment and exercise. 

During our open sessions, children aged 5 years and above can expect an atmosphere buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. Here’s what your little adventurers can look forward to:


  • Strike Arena! – think Crystal Maze-style challenge arena! Hit as many of your team’s lights as you can before the time runs out!
  • Interactive Sports Pitch! – Netball and football options for groups or individuals! Hit the targets and let the pitch keep score!
  • Warped Wall! – Run and see if you can get up this huge tsunami-shaped wall!
  • Interactive Traverse Wall! – Cling on while finding and pressing different light-up buttons! Play team games or as an individual to see if you can beat the high score!
  • Slide Tower! – Compete to race up this ninja-style tower! Climb up and through the obstacles and come down the slide!
  • Ninja Run! – Race against your friends in Ninja Run! Run up slopes, climb through obstacles and wave through the puzzle to be the fastest!
  • Ninja Course! – Multiple lanes of Ninja fun! Swing, balance, climb and jump to the other side of the foam pits!


What to Expect in Our New Soft Play (2-7 years)


For our younger explorers aged 2-7 years, our new soft play area is a paradise of imagination and fun. Soft play is like a superhero training ground for toddlers’ sensory and motor skills. It’s a place where they can run wild, hop like kangaroos, and conquer epic challenges and obstacles. Soft play lets toddlers unleash their inner acrobat as they climb, crawl, and slide their way to mastering their gross motor skills. It’s a whole-body workout that helps them build coordination, balance, and overall physical fitness – while having an absolute blast! You can, of course, partake with them Here’s a sneak peek into the delights of our soft play space: Our Soft Play area is a three-storey high adventure! Younger kids can play with and explore the blocks, toys, slides and spinning wheels, while the bigger kids enjoy an Open Session. Soft play is also conveniently located right next to our café, accessed via an awesome rope bridge! Interactive Games: Stimulate young minds with interactive games that encourage creativity and cognitive development. Safe Play Environment: Rest easy as your little ones explore our soft play area designed with safety as the top priority. Soft surfaces and carefully curated play elements ensure a secure environment for active play. Age-Appropriate Challenges: From gentle climbs to exciting slides, our soft play space offers age-appropriate challenges that foster motor skills and coordination.


Benefits of Ninja Activities and Soft Plays to Your Kids


Engaging in ninja activities, soft play sessions and general adventures here at Freedog Swindon offers a multitude of benefits for your children, all while they’re having an absolute blast,  including:


  • Enhanced Motor Skills: Climbing, jumping, and navigating obstacles in our ninja course and soft play area enhance fine and gross motor skills.
  • Boosted Confidence: Conquering challenges and exploring new spaces boosts self-esteem and confidence in young minds.
  • Social Development: Interacting with peers during open sessions and soft play adventures nurtures social skills, teaching children the importance of teamwork and cooperation.
  • Cognitive Stimulation: Interactive games and age-appropriate challenges stimulate cognitive development, fostering creativity and problem-solving abilities.
  • In Conclusion: Dive Into the Adventure!

Soft play also unleashes the genius problem-solver hiding within every toddler. With interactive and dynamic play, it becomes a stage for imaginative adventures, exciting role-playing, and super cool social interactions. Toddlers face thrilling challenges, like finding secret paths through obstacle courses or plotting their way to the top of our Power Tower. It’s like their own mini escape room, where they learn to analyse situations, make decisions, and discover creative solutions!

Cognitive Advantages of Engaging Toddlers in Soft Play Activities:

Did someone say brainpower? Soft play offers toddlers an array of cognitive advantages that’ll make their little minds burst with knowledge. They:

  • Become masters of cause and effect
  • Unravel the mysteries of spatial awareness
  • Uncover the secrets of object permanence.

When a toddler pushes a foam block off a ledge, they witness gravity at work and learn about the consequences of their actions. It’s like their very own physics lab, where fun and learning collide!

At Freedog Swindon, we’ve created a haven where children can explore, learn, and have a blast. Our new activity centre promises thrilling experiences, endless learning opportunities, and unforgettable moments. So, come and join us at Freedog Swindon. Book a session for your little ones today and watch them dive into a world of adventure, laughter, and discovery.