Health and Safety


It is an industry requirement to complete a safety waiver before you can participate in one of our exhilarating activities. The waivers must be completed individually for anyone over 18, participants under 18 will need to be added as a minor to an over 18 waiver.

Waivers are valid for 1 year.

To save you time, Freedog has an electronic waiver, which instantly uploads to our booking in system. We advise that you complete the waiver before coming to the park.


Health and Safety Statement
Freedog understands the elements of risk involved in participating in exhilarating activities such as Trampolining and Climbing. We therefore take the safety of our customers and staff extremely seriously. The number one priority is the safety of everyone that enjoys the facilities that Freedog has to offer.

Throughout the company, Freedog applies high standards in the management and control of its operations. These are designed to ensure that staff, customers and those who may be affected by Freedogs operations are properly safeguarded.

Freedogs aim:

· To ensure compliance with legal obligations regarding the health and safety of all staff, customers and visitors to Freedog Urban Activity Centres.

· To provide a healthy and safe environment at Freedog Urban Activity Centres.

· To minimise the potential for injuries and damage to property

· To develop consistent safety rules

· To maintain and drive a positive safety culture among all staff and customers

· To help staff develop increasing responsibility for their own and other’s safety

· To encourage the reporting and sharing of information about health and safety concerns.

Freedog believes in promoting a positive Health and Safety culture in the workplace, and recognises that the success of the policy is dependent upon the cooperation of everyone that works at Freedog. In line with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, Freedog has a written Health and Safety policy that is reviewed periodically. The policy may also be reviewed following a change in staff, premises, work activity, or following an incident or result of an audit. The company Health and Safety policy includes an organisation section, outlining allocation of responsibilities for all levels of management, and duties of employees. Communication and reporting pathways will also be found in this section. The Arrangements section of the policy includes the details of all identified risks involved with the company’s activities, and control measures in place.