But we have had to make a huge amount of changes to the way we operate.


Face Masks / Coverings (this is now Law from 24th Sept 2020)

By law you must wear a face mask in our centre, except while climbing, exercising, trampolining, eating or drinking – unless you are defined by the government as exempt (for example, children under 11 years). Disposable masks will be available to buy from reception. Our team are likely to wear a visor and a mask during sessions. Please respect their space and do not go close to them unnecessarily.

Rule of Six (this is now Law from 24th Sept 2020)

From Thursday 24th September. You can only come to the centre in a maximum group size of 6.  This includes participants AND spectators. We are not allowing bookings of more than five participants under the age of 18.  Each group can bring only one adult spectator/supervisor.  You are not permitted to be in the centre in a group of more than 6 and should you see people you know you must still remain in your group.

In a given session (such as Clip n Climb) there may be more than 6. But you must stick to your booked group throughout your time in the centre.

Capacity Management 

Last year we did everything we could to encourage everyone to book before they came for a bounce. We made it as simple as we could to book online and when we were busy it was super important as we did end up turning people away if we were fully booked. 

Over the next few months booking online will be even more important as we are going to be limiting the numbers on each session to make sure that you can come in knowing you can keep a reasonable distance from the next family. 

As part of the booking process we would like to encourage all participants to have a completed waiver before attending the site – (don’t worry if you have visited us already during the winter of 2019/20, your waiver should be up to date).

We have moved around the lockers and briefing areas so that you can keep some distance between you and the next group. 

We will start with around 16 participants on the trampolines and 12 on the Clip n’Climb (for context the official capacity of the trampolines is around 100) and build from there depending on feedback, what feels reasonable and Government guidance. 


Soft Play / Toddler Play Area

Before lockdown we had plans to invest in a large state of the art Soft Play facility. We still have plans but the current situation means it is going to be delayed for a while. But we know that this is such an important thing to have for our local families. So many of you have children over and under 5 years and want them all to be entertained at the same time. 

The Government has now said that Soft Play’s can re-open! And just in time for us as we have turned our 100m2 sprung floor into a “Toddler Play Area”

These sessions run alongside the trampoline sessions (so it’ll perfect for those that have children over and under 5). They will be ticketed separately so that we can keep the capacity low and controlled. You will book for a specific slot of just over an hour, afterwhich we will clean it down ready for the next group.

Please keep in mind that, for the safety of the toddlers, to enter the soft play area your child must be BOTH 7 years old less AND less than 125cm tall


Opening Times & Staff Bubbles

A big risk to the business going forward is the “track and trace” system. Although we are super happy for the system to be in place as soon as possible it means we have to be careful about staff getting too close to each other for long periods of time. So we are putting receptionists into “bubbles” that work together. That way if one has to isolate we don’t have to isolate the whole team and shut. 

What that means is we would like just one team to work for the whole day. But we used to be open from early to late every day. Which is a bit much to ask the team to be in for such a long shift. So we are looking initially to reduce our opening hours. This will be confirmed closer to opening but we will open around mid-day  in the week and from around 10am on weekends

We are sorry to make this change and as soon as we can we’ll go back to normal opening hours. 



Before opening back up we are doing a big spring clean. It’s such a great opportunity to do it when no-one is around, and it’ll be nice for the place to feel fresh.

During the day when we are open we will be actively cleaning more than we used to in certain areas like the changing rooms, lockers and briefing areas. 

Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the centre. Particularly near things that you cannot avoid touching such as doors. 

We cannot guarantee that everything you touch in the centre will be perfectly clean. We cannot clean the foam blocks between every use for example, so can’t keep the centre to the standard of a hospital or a clinical setting. But we can give you the best opportunity to keep your hands clean, by providing hand sanitiser and soap, and ensure the capacity is low enough that you can keep some distance from your friends and fellow bouncers.


One Way Systems

In order for us to manage the groups we will be operating a one-way system through the centres. This is mainly so that when the last group are leaving and the next group are arriving they do not have to barge past each other. We are setting up some of our fire doors as the new exits to help with this. 

There will be signs around the centre, and staff will guide you but please be aware and help us to keep this system working. 


Clip n Climb

This is open and working well. We are running at a low capacity (half normal) so make sure to get booked well in advance to avoid disappointment.