Covid Rules from 19th July 2021

As you will know, the laws around Covid changed on Monday 19th July and we as a business have been left to try to work out how to manage the situations ourselves. 

While the laws around social distancing and mask-wearing have been removed, the requirement to isolate if any of our team have close contact with someone with Covid is still in place and is already causing us serious last-minute staffing problems.

As of 16th August those with a full double vaccine will no longer have to isolate, but our team is generally pretty young so our focus in the meantime is on protecting them AND ensuring we can definitely open every day.  

We hope that some time in September this new isolation rule will enable us to staff a full program again. But for the reasons laid out above, the following will apply in our centres until mid September (or until isolation rules change):



We will not be enforcing mask-wearing in our centres unless you are an adult taking part in a session*

If you choose to wear a mask we appreciate it! 

If you choose not to, that’s OK too.  


Our staff will be wearing masks while walking around the building, but may be maskless when behind the reception screens.

*Adults on sessions will be asked to wear a mask out of respect for the instructor. Our instructors job involves working with lots of different people every day, and while they do their best to keep their distance some technical instruction requires them to go fairly close to participants.  What’s more, typically our instructors are under 30 so may not had a change to be fully vaccinated as yet.



We strongly advise you to pre-book your session online before you arrive. This is especially important at the moment.


What if my session is cancelled?

If we have to cancel a session due to isolating staff then we will offer you a voucher to come back another time. 


Social Distancing 

There will no longer be any laws around this, but some of our customers will still be anxious of strangers getting too close so please keep this in mind. 

Also in order to help the team to avoid isolation, for us stay open, please keep a respectful distant from our crew.



If you are displaying symptoms of Covid then please DO NOT come to the centre. If you are clearly unwell we will ask you to come back another time. 


One-Way Systems

These will no longer be mandatory, but the option to leave via a different door to the entrance (so you don’t have to squeeze through the queue) will remain available. 



We have been working hard to improve the cafe over the last 18 months. Show some support for the cafe team and reward yourself with some lunch! 🍕🎂



We have an extensive cleaning regime in place. 

During the day when we are open we will be actively cleaning more than we used to in certain areas like the changing rooms, lockers and briefing areas. 

Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the centre. Particularly near things that you cannot avoid touching such as doors. 

We are also treating our foam pits with an antiviral fogging system.


Soft Play / Toddler Play Area

Before lockdown we had plans to invest in a large state of the art Soft Play facility. We still have plans but the current situation means it is going to be delayed for a while. But we know that this is such an important thing to have for our local families. So many of you have children over and under 5 years and want them all to be entertained at the same time. So we have turned our 100m2 sprung floor into a “Toddler Play Area”

These sessions run alongside the trampoline and Clip ‘n Climb activities (so it’s perfect for those who have children both over and under 5). They will be ticketed separately so that we can keep the capacity low and controlled. You will book for a specific slot of just over an hour, after which we will clean it down ready for the next group.

Please keep in mind that, for the safety of the toddlers, to enter the soft play area your child must be BOTH a maximum of 7 years old AND less than 125cm tall