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The Freedog Swindon story is one of ups and downs (pun intended), as one of the first trampoline parks in the UK their first year absolutely flew with thousands of kids, and adults, coming down to get their fix of bouncing. But over the next couple of years the company declined, stopped investing in the site and in the end fell into administration. This put a well loved local place for families to get together at risk along side some 80 jobs for mostly young locals. 

Enter our hero, Redpoint Bristol! Redpoint is a well established Indoor Climbing Wall based in an old cinema. They provide an amazing space for hardened climbers but focus on creating a community feel that is welcoming and professional. They have a huge wealth of knowledge in running kids programs from one-off parties in the “Crazy Climb” area to regular kids clubs where they turn little monkeys into strong coordinated climbing machines. 

Redpoint stepped in and bought both freedog Swindon and Bristol as they see an opportunity to invest in the amazing spaces, and to build on what the teams there have created. So…… what are the plans for Freedog Swindon in 2019. 


Redpoint are sticking firstly to what they do best which is climbing. So they have spent the winter designing a national standard bouldering facility that will go into an under-used area of the Freedog building (around 1000m2 of floor space). This will be named Flashpoint Swindon and will be connected to Redpoint & Flashpoint Bristol with a single membership scheme.


With their experience of introducing kids to climbing they want to bring the most fun and inclusive climbing activity possible into the Freedog Swindon site. Clip n Climb is it! A fantastic climbing activity with all sorts of wild and colourful climbing challenges from teetering towers to vertical drop slides and loads more. 

Along side the trampoline part this will make freedog a real family activity destination!


The cafe and reception area will need to be moved to a more central position so that they can fit in the new activities. With this the plan is to build a raised viewing platform so that you can watch the activities while drinking an amazing coffee! The cafe will become the hub for the whole centre from families to evening climbers. A real place for the  community to hang out. 


The final piece of the puzzle is to create an after-school program integrating free-running, trampolining and climbing. The vision is that a child growing up in Swindon right now can join them over the next decade or more and turn into a confident, coordinated, strong and impressive young adult. 

With all this coming over the next 6 months, 2019 is looking pretty exciting!

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