Operations Manager

Job TitleOperations Manager 

Location – Flashpoint/Freedog Swindon

Holiday: 28 days inclusive of public holidays and seasonal centre closures

Pay:  Salary £22K 

Hours: 40hrs a week (flexible working hours within reason) you will be scheduled to work regular Duty Manager Shifts including weekends and evenings. 

Line Manager: Centre Manager 


The Flashpoint Group is currently made up of multiple activity centres across Bristol and Swindon with a speciality in indoor climbing. The site in Swindon consists of Freedog (a Trampoline Park), Clip’nClimb (a fun, kids focused climbing activity) and Flashpoint (a world class bouldering wall). 

We finished off the majority of the works in late 2019 and had a very promising start to 2020. While lockdown stalled progress, we have put in place systems to make sure our customers and staff are safe and supported. Our sessions are starting to fill up and we are confident of a positive 2021. 

We want to create a thriving community in which customers and staff are healthy and happy. If this sounds like somewhere you would like to work, read on…

Job Summary

As Operations Manager you will be responsible for the Duty Managers, PPE Inspections and Maintenance across the whole site (including Flashpoint and Freedog Swindon). You will also be required to work “on the floor” covering duty manager, reception or other shifts. This is, in part, for the productivity of the business but also so that you can understand and perform well in all aspects of the business and lead by example.

Essential Experience

Duty Management

PPE Inspections


Essential Skills

Desired Skills

Specific Areas of Responsibility

Head Duty Manager 

Work with and empower the DMs to be able to deal with everyday problems they encounter through training and development of processes and resources. Examples include first aid, fire marshalling, floor-walking, daily check, building and PPE issues. 

Create and develop daily check sheets to ensure that the building is run well and is kept safe for customers and staff. 

Ensure that DMs have methods to check and resupply the consumables required on a daily basis (toilet roll, light bulbs, first aid kit, etc)

Moderate the DMs to ensure they are completing their jobs to a good standard. Bring disciplinary issues to the line manager for this role (the Centre Manager) and be part of the discussion to improve their performance as necessary.

PPE Inspections 

All the equipment in the centre needs to be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure it is safe for use. This includes the trampolines, boulder wall, Clip ‘n Climb, ninja, soft play, etc. You will create and develop a system for checking these areas on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis depending on what is required. 

PPE inspections must be carried out even in your absence. So staff training and process organisation is a key part of your roll. 


Work with the  team to maintain the building. Develop and monitor a method of communicating building related issues. A DM must know if an issue is in hand and have a way to move on problems that they cannot reasonably deal with during their shift.

Monitor building issues and deal with them prioritising issues regarding safety (eg: faulty stair noses) over issues of aesthetics (eg painting).

Point of contact for the external contractors (including cleaners), ensuring the quality of their work.

Other Duties 

You will still be expected to carry out “all-rounder” duties as rota’d or reasonably requested by the management. This may include reception, instructing, duty management and any other jobs the centre requires.


Provisional Re-Opening Dates

CLIP’N CLIMB: 14th April (bookable from 5th April)

FREEDOG*: 19th May (bookable from 10th May)

*including Open Bounce, Toddlers, Ninja Course, etc.