Clip ‘n Climb Swindon has come to Freedog!

Clip ‘n Climb has loads of fun challenges for families, kids parties, corporate events and much more.

Visiting Clip ‘n Climb Swindon is really easy and you don’t need any previous climbing experience.

Sessions last 90mins which includes a mandatory 30mins to be briefed and kitted up before you go in for your climbing session.

Simply book your climbing session online and arrive on time ready to climb!



Clip’n Climb is a fantastic, fun, and exciting way to try climbing for the first time.

There are 25 different challenges to try, but as each one has at least 3 levels from easy to very hard, there is also always something to come back for!

Below is a list of basic info you need to know when booking your session. For a more info on what it’s like see the First Visit and Gallery pages.

What Ages Are Allowed?

0 – 4 years:

Clip’n Climb is NOT suitable for this age group. However we do have a Toddler Play Area you can use while your olds kids are climbing.

5 – 6 years & SEND:

Accompanying adults must be prepared to supervise their own children in the Clip’n Climb arena.

This is because they may not be able to clip themselves in and out of the challenges themselves. They may also struggle to follow the safety rules.

7 – 17 years

Clip’n Climb is perfect for this age group!


Get involved! There are challenges for all abilities so book you and your mates in now!

Or bring the whole family for a climb-off!


When to arrive?

Sessions are 1hr 30min long. That includes time for kitting up, clipping in training and your briefing.

What if you arrive early? Well, you will end up waiting around until your session starts.

What if you arrive late? You may well miss your session. We cannot re-run briefings on busy days.

We may be able to switch you to a later session but it’s not guaranteed and you would have to wait around for a long time.


What to wear?

Wear what you would wear to the gym, or play sport. The centre can be hot in summer and cold in the winter so take that into account.

You can get the odd bump and scrape when using the walls so leggings are better than shorts.

And you will be wearing a harness so skirts are not ideal.

We can’t allow you to climb wearing loose clothing or jewellery as this can get caught while you are lowering down the walls and cause an injury.

Therefore hoodies are NOT ideal as the hood could get caught while lowering down.

You also cannot have anything in your pockets when in the Clip’n Climb arena.

There are lockers to put your things away, but they are used at your own risk. We recommend you leave your valuables at home instead.