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We are super proud to announce that Freedog Swindon now has a brand spanking new Urban Skills Hub! As part of our amazing relaunch we have added a free running area, sprung floor and climbing and bouldering walls- we’re not just about the trampolines, now you can enjoy a variety of activities at a budget-friendly price!



Sessions last for one hour beginning with an instructor-led warm up. During this hour you will receive exclusive use of the climbing/bouldering walls PLUS the skills area including the Olympic style sprung floor.
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Every weekday we offer soft play and climb sessions for your under 5s. These sessions will run straight after toddler bounce so you can enjoy an extra hour of fun with your little ones!
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FreeRunning is derived from Parkour but contains tricking whilst in transit with the purpose of doing the freshest skills possible. When practiced it can improve many skills including, physical strength, fitness, balance, spatial awareness and agility.

It is a common misconception that FreeRunning is associated with troublesome youth causing chaos and destruction wherever they go.  Here at FreeDog we have regenerated the way FreeRunning is considered and practiced. FreeRunning sessions are located in our Urban Skills Hub.

The highly anticipated introduction of our bespoke training venue is now available and provides an adrenaline rush to all first timers as well as experienced and professional athletes.

Sessions are supervised by an experienced member of our team.

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