Open Skills Sessions

Unfortunately we are not longer offering “skills sessions”. We tried and tried to make these sessions financially viable and safe but in the end it was beyond us. We want to thank all those who came and enjoyed the sessions we ran over the years. We hope you can continue to find places to practice and move.


Toddler Play Area

The sprung floor is being turned into a Toddler Play Area while we wait for the new Soft Play to be built.


External Instructors

If you run (or are looking to run) fitness, dance, martial arts or any kind of movement sessions you can hire our sprung floor to run your class.

Depending on the activity you can fit around 20 people on the floor. The floor is slightly springy which is great for jumping around.

Prices start around £30 per hour, discounts available for regular bookings.

Contact for more info or to come and have a look at the space.